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We are looking for internet minded young people, who have excellent viral network, who are socially active online, who know about internet marketing logic, are energetic, positive and motivated and are passionate about their work, committed to success and measure themselves by their results, to join our team as community masters.

Community master responsibilities are:
  • building site community, seeking and finding new users
  • daily management of website
  • reading and replying to commercial and users emails
  • finding advertising partners
  • some translations of updates from English to local language
  • finding moderators and building moderator structure
  • anything else involved to building and developing a successful Social Network
Good successful community master gets a fixed income, and benefits well from the success of the site. The countries to apply today: Finland, Netherlands, France, Spain, Ukraine and Brazil.

If your country is not listed but you think we should launch our site in your country with your help, then we are very interested of hearing from you! Send us a short essay - explain why your country is attractive for our business, count main competitors and possible co-operation partners there and explain, in what way you could promote the website. Send the essay with your CV / resume to

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