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Rate Solutions operates social networks in different countries. Social network is a tool that helps people to stay in touch with old friends and meet the new ones. All our sites are in local languages, managed and organized by local people, with development and technical support provided from the main office.

The sites are free, but users can buy virtual currency called SOL to pay for value-add services. Payment options may include wire transfer, SMS billing, phone calls, Credit Cards, PayPal, WebMoney, e-gold and others.

Profiles and pictures represent your identities in the network. You can control the access level for the information in your profile – some information can be public, some can be private, some can be shown to your friends only. You can customize design of your profile using different skins.

You can store up to 10 pictures in your profile; those pictures can be rated by other users so there are different ratings on the site. You can also store thousands of pictures in your albums. All the pictures on the site can be commented, all the comments are public.

You can add other users into friends list. Friends list is a simple tool to get the last information about your friends and easily navigate to their profiles. There are also favorites (to bookmark other users) and ignore list (to keep certain users away from your profile).

You can communicate with your friends or any other user by inner mail. All the inner mails are private and visible only to sender and recepient. You can also get alerts about different events – a new picture from your friend, new schoolmate or ten points to your picture. Alerts are fully customizable.

You can join any existing community in the clubs section or create a new club there. Clubs connect people with similar interests - whether it is popular music band, travelling or collecting coins. You can also communicate with other online users in chat rooms – you can even invite others for instant conversation directly from the profile.

You can find your classmates in the schools section. There are also picture ratings for each school.
You can publish blog to share your thoughts with other people. Your postings can be public or visible only to people in friends list. Each posting can be tagged by keywords, searched and commented by other users.
You can make a 10-question, multiple choice tests for other users to complete. Selection of subjects is not limited by any way; people usually prefer “10 facts about me” type of test.
Moderators are order-keepers in our site with special rights. Biggest task of a moderator is approving photos - this quarantees that the site will not publish pictures with nudity, violence, etc. Moderators also deal with users with fake photos and people who are abusive to other users.
In you can buy a prepaid phone card of Ratemobile – virtual operator, so you can get SMS-alerts to your mobile phone and chat with your friends for free. Ratemobile is owned by Telia Sonera.

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